Would you like to learn how to sing, or play the piano? Whether you are an absolute beginner, or even an experienced musician, I would love to help you on your journey in the world of music. I give lessons five days a week near Etele square and have some flexibility with my schedule. Give it a try! You might just find that you are the next Pink or Maria Callas.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via e-mail, or by using the links at the bottom of the site.


Renáta gave me singing classes for about nine months and I really enjoyed them. Anytime I made a mistake she knew exactly how to correct me in a simple but clear language (in English). She is also a good accompanist, which is very appreciable for singers. She is very nice to students, always smiling, and the most important: patient. I had studied in a conservatory in France before but I really think I have improved my skills in Budapest, thanks to her!


Reni is a superb teacher and educator. Without her help I would not have succeeded at the Billy Elliot casting. She taught and helped me with lots of patience, love and competence. I really recommend Renáta's savvy work for anyone that is interested in singing.


Renata was an incredible teacher and I am so glad I took the leap to try and learn how to sing. I had no experience and was incredibly nervous to begin, but her kindness and care never once let me feel embarrassed, and instead, taught me to sing confidently. I improved significantly over the course of our 10 months working together, even more than I had hoped! Overall, I can’t say enough good things about her; she’s a great teacher, singer, and musician, and you won’t regret taking lessons with her.

Brad B.

With Kayamar

Viktor Magyaróvári (Kayamar) is a composer and vocal artist. His outstanding vocal range of 5 octaves and so-called logarithmic pitch gives his work a distinctive, unmatched sounding. Kayamar has become known for the wider audience by his award-winning ad song created for T-Mobile in 2012, and by winning the London Noise Festival in 2015.

These two talent have met back at the Academy of Music, and they started performing together in the spring of 2014. During their performances they facilitate a so-called looper pedal to play back the sounds that they record a capella, live, track-by-track. This work requires a thoughtful, precise intonation, thus there are only a couple of artist that are willing to undertake the same on a professional level.

Their repertoire - beside their own songs - consists of pop hits, but they also incorporate jazz, improvisation and elements of classical music. Thanks to the flexibility and their unique sound, they can perform even at extreme circumstances, from the prominent musical events to street music at the city center.


The bright-voice soprano was born in 1991 in the West-Hungarian city of Ajka. At the age of 15 she already successfully participated in a series of piano- and reciting competitions. During her secondary-school years she was a regular performer in different local musical programs, such as Hair, Romeo and Juliette, or performances of the Miners' Brass Band of Ajka. In 2009 - as youngest in her class - she was admitted to the Hungarian Academy of Music. Her classical singing teacher was Magda Nádor.

In 2011, the last year of her University studies, amongst a group of likewise young and talented singers, she was co-founder the MoltOpera opera company. With the company she started performing again as a solo singer, but this time as professional. They performed in various prestigious places through Hungary like the Hungarian State Opera House and Müpa (Palace of Arts), but they even appeared at Sziget Fesztival. She played role of Zerlina and Pamina under different directions of Mozart's Magic Flute, and Lucy in Menotti's Telephone.

Her most important act with the company in the last two years has been Haydn's Deserted Island (L'isola disabitata). In the act she played Silvia, a young, beautiful but naive girl, being raised up by her older sister (Costanza: Eszter Balogh). The comic opera received warm welcome from the audience and positive reviews from critics too. Since 2014 the play was performed in the Opera 16 times.

Renáta often sings with choirs in classical and less classical pieces too. Through the country approximately 15 thousand people saw her performance in the Choir of Angels (Angyalok Kara, produced by MoltOpera and Experidance) live, and even more through the National Television's record of the Children's Christmas celebration in the Parliament.